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WebSite Auditor Enterprise is a standout SEO tool that makes the whole website system work like
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10 December 2015

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WebSite Auditor Enterprise: a must-have SEO tool that lets you make effective web pages, write optimized search engine friendly content, analyze top 10 competitors` on-page optimization strategies and create your own winning plan.

Pros: WebSite Auditor Enterprise is a SEO tool. Search engine optimization is the name of the game these days, particularly if you want to be on the top few names in a search result from the major engines. Suited for webmasters, professional SEO consultants and copywriters. This lets you make effective web pages using some smart strategies for on-page optimization. The application provides a lot of information on the on-page strategy to follow for the websites competition window/niche. It also provides some plain text advice for optimizing a page. The details are supposedly simple enough to be followed by beginners. The advice thus arrived at can be provided to your consultancy clients either in HTML or PDF. One could mail them or print them or even FTP them.

The report can be customized. All the optimization recommendations for a particular website for a targeted search engine are available. The package creates a keyword density report and prominence of all page elements; title, h1 to h6 level headings, meta descriptions, bold texts etc. You get data on why competitors in the niche have higher rankings and what the engines expect to see on a page. That’d give you a clear indication of what needs to change in your approach of creating a page. The auditor thus is able to point you in the right direction easily and give you step by step directions.

Cons: No problematic issues noticed here except the customary caution about version 1.0 of course.

Overall: Pretty effective guidance provided by this easy to use package. This is a 4 star one easily.

Publisher's description

Give your website a smashing jump-up in search results with a top-notch onpage SEO tool WebSite Auditor Enterprise! This one-of-a-kind SEO software lets you effortlessly run all-rounded SEO site diagnostics and smoke out the issues that are holding back your ranking progress. Besides this top-class SEO tool helps you optimize each webpage for any keyword in any search engine and shapes wall-to-wall onpage optimization strategy. Such a novel two-level onpage SEO approach turns a promoted website into a killer money-making machine! Website optimization module lets you cure: - broken links - HTML-code errors - duplicate content issues - 404 and other server response errors - webpages that weren't indexed by search engines - and other issues that are impending your ranking progress. Webpage optimization module of this five-star SEO tool helps you: - evaluate how your website is optimized at the moment - get a detailed pattern of your top ranking competitors' onpage optimization strategies - calculate the optimal keyword density and prominence for all HTML elements of your webpage - plus dozens more! All the collected data is presented in detailed and easy-to-understand optimization reports. Website Optimization Report discovers you the secrets of how to make a website a seamlessly functioning system. A-Z Optimization Report presents step-by-step guidelines for entry-level SEOs. Search Engines View Report lets you have a look at your website through search engines' eyes, etc. WebSite Auditor is an absolutely search-engine friendly SEO tool. It's equipped with the most advanced safety features that insure total security when obtaining search engine data. And fitted with the unique feature Anti-CAPTCHA, WebSite Auditor makes the process of collecting data a no-sweat job. Runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Still reading this? Grab this powerhouse tool straight away! Free downloads available.
WebSite Auditor Enterprise
WebSite Auditor Enterprise
Version 4.7.1
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